Peep Varak, 6 years’ experience in Saybolt as Sampler, ships inspector and Operational Manager, 2 years’ experience as products operator in Enron Finland, 16 years’ experience as product trader at GT Trading / Trafigura and Gazprom Marketing and Trading Switzerland AG. Responsibilities- trading, hedge nstruments.

Juhan Parmas, worked with Alexela from the very beginning (since 1993) in diferent positions, all related with oil trading and controlling. Joined Alexela Bunkering from Kiviõli Keemaitööstus (Estonia’s third largest shale oil producer, where he worked as CFO. Responsibilities- overall managing, financing, reporting, hedge instruments.

Risto Maiberg, having experience of more than 20 years in vessel inspection, oil trading, blending and logistics. Risto has worked in various positions in Saybolt, Trafigura, Tarcona, Alexela Sillamäe and Somitekno. Risto joined Alexela Bunkering from Gazprom Marketing & Trading Switzerland AG, where he worked as product manager. Responsibilities- products quality and logistics.

Vadim Hohlov, having experience of 6 years at sea as deck officer, diploma- chief officer. Thereafter have been working during more than 20 years in marine transportation and logistics in Estonia- chartering (broker), container logistics, ship’s agency. Responsibilities- sea and rail logistics.

Anti Valgepea-  15 years experience in  different Estonian fuel wholesale companies, sales manager. Responsibilities- daily bunkering operations, bunkering logistics.